Amazing Visiting Places in Saudi Arabia (2023)


Places to visit in Saudi Arabia: 1.        Riyadh 2.        Makkah 3.        Madina 4.        Jaddha 5.        Al-Ula 6.        Taif 7.        Abha 8.        Najran 9.        Al-Khobar 10.      Dammam 11.      Hofuf 12.      Tabuk 13.      Yanbu 14.      Farasan Island 15.      Dhahran Riyadh: Riyadh is a city in Saudi Arabia. It is a busy city that beautifully blends tradition and modernism. … Read more

Holy Places to Visit in Medina (2023): A Mind-blowing land

Holy Places to Visit in Medina (2023)

Visiting places in Medina In Medina, there are several holy places that have great importance for Muslims throughout the world. Here is a list of some important holy places to visit in Medina: Holy Places to Visit in Medina (2023) Al-Masjid Nabawi: Holy Place to Visit in Medina (2023) Masjid Al-Nabawi is located in the … Read more